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My story
Are you feeling stuck, uncertain and unable to make a decision?
Are struggling with the voice telling you that you are not good enough for relationships of your dream?
Are you dissatisfied the career path you are on?
Are you feeling a pressure of your peers achievements and you trying to do your best at this competition ?
Are you feeling anger at parents?
You are not alone!

At some age I had the same questions than you. My career path was very unclear when I graduated collage. But I knew that I want to the work I love. It's important to spend you life on valuable issues. So what values I have? To answer this question isn't very easy actually. Generally, therapy and narrative practice were the miracle tools which helped me to understand myself. Now I really do what I love - counselling and teaching. In my work I stand on postmodernism platform. So...
You are the "expert of you life"

My work is asking "good questions" which help you to create the life you are dreaming. Our goal is to help you identify and work toward the changes you desire in your life and relationships. Let's go to this magical journey!

«Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.The knowledgeable does not prove, the proving does not know. The perfect one does not accumulate anything. He does everything for people and gives everything to others. The heavenly tao benefits all beings and does not harm them. Dao is a perfect act without struggle. "


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